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29 February, 2024 31 March, 2024
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1 December, 2023 - 29 February, 2024 31 March, 2024
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19 April, 2024
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30 June, 2024
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Abstract Submission Instructions

  1. 1. All abstracts must be submitted online at CUUTE-2 website.
  2. 2. Only One Abstract per Presenter is accepted for submission.
  3. 3. Fax and e-mail submission are not accepted.
  4. 4. The body of abstract should be written not exceeding 200 words.
    In addition, no image submission is allowed on the system.
  5. 5. You are requested to choose a topic that is most applicable to your abstract theme.
  6. 6. Once the abstract is submitted, notification of abstract receipt will automatically be sent to submitter's registered e-mail address.
    If you do not receive the above, please contact to CUUTE-2 secretariat (

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Type of Presentation

Either Oral or Poster presentations are accepted. However, the Program Committee will make the final decision.

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